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Inside Your Mind - released 18th April 2019

Nowadays, people are unwilling to express their true feelings as they are afraid of becoming vulnerable. Also, because of pressure by the mainstream media, people are sometimes too focused on the physical side of relationships and do not care about what matters the most: feelings and being human and kind (basically, what's inside our minds). This song criticises the overrated physical side of superficial relationships.

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Too Real - released 16th November 2018

Have you ever felt speechless and unable to express yourself when in the presence of someone meaningful and special to you? Was it because of being shy and insecure? Or was it someone who completely knocked you out with feelings? This song speaks about the inability to express feelings using words, and the frustration it brings... however, in the end words may not be that important after all, as they are one out of the many way to express feelings.

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