I Know It's Over (In Aid of Samaritans)

Suicide is a tragic event that results in a lost life and in lifelong suffering for the survived families. With this short film cover of I Know It's Over by the Smiths (also has a very well known cover by Jeff Buckley), we aim to raise awareness about suicide and show how warning signs can be subtle sometimes and therefore easy to miss. We also aim to depict the long-term pain experienced by suicide survivors and how crucial it is that they are supported in their suffering. Finally, we want to convey a message of hope to all of those experiencing emotional pain and reinforce that support is available. This video is in aid of Samaritans UK: 50% of all sales revenue from purchases within the UK and Republic of Ireland will be donated to Samaritans.

Bucket List

Bucket list is a happy & uplifting indie rock song which tells the story of 3 women who left their daytime jobs and partnered to achieve their dream of giving a gig at the O2 Arena. Their secret? Have you heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he triumphed in Hollywood despite everyone telling him he wouldn't? Arnie is an amazing example that everything is possible when you set your mind to something and fight hard for it! Check his 6 "Rules of Success"...

Inside Your Mind
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Nowadays, people are unwilling to express their true feelings as they are afraid of becoming vulnerable. Also, because of pressure by the mainstream media, people are sometimes too focused on the physical side of relationships and do not care about what matters the most: feelings and being human and kind (basically, what's inside our minds). This song criticises the overrated physical side of superficial relationships.

Too Real
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Have you ever felt speechless and unable to express yourself when in the presence of someone meaningful and special to you? Was it because of being shy and insecure? Or was it someone who completely knocked you out with feelings? This song speaks about the inability to express feelings using words, and the frustration it brings... however, in the end words may not be that important after all, as they are one out of the many way to express feelings.